Small Business BC

“I believe that coffee brings people together and I’m happy and proud to be part of people’s lives through our business in that way.”

Atlin, a remote town in northern British Columbia, has been the home of a unique business since 2013 – a specialty, wood-fire roasted, organic coffee from Atlin Mountain Coffee. 

The roastery uses organic, fairly traded, single-origin beans, and its wood-fired roaster is powered by solar energy and fueled with sustainably harvested local pine. They offer a unique coffee experience of barrel-aged coffee featuring both wine and whisky barrel-aged coffee.

Owners and partners, Philippe and Leandra, chose to start their coffee roasting company where they could live in harmony with the land and use sustainable methods. Their special techniques are admired by those who share their love of coffee and positive impact on the planet.

This video was made in partnership with Small Business BC for their 2022 Gala. SBBC is a non-profit organization that exists to help BC entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses. Like the entrepreneurs we serve, we are a small business made up of a small and mighty team with a passion for entrepreneurship.