Mads K. Bækkevold: Director, Creative, & Writer

The work of Mads K. Baekkevold is nothing if not eclectic, often operating at the opposite ends of a spectrum. On one side - poppy, bright, and cheerful. On the other - offbeat, bizarre, and unnerving. His international background and experience contributes to this rich, sometimes contradictory melange: he has lived and worked in his native Norway, Singapore, Amsterdam, and now Vancouver. He will quickly become obsessed with the local culture of a place, bringing facets of it into his vibrant work.

Over the years he has created content for clients such as Netflix, Universal Studios, Samsung, IBM, Volvo, L'Oréal, MasterCard, Nikon, Discovery Channel, and many more. He has two Cannes Lions awards and a CLIO for his TV commercial work, along with several awards for his spooky little short films. As much as possible he'll be deeply involved with every step of the creative process, from ideation down to the very last frame of the edit.

In the future, he plans on making movies about giant sea creatures.